Company Profile


Marvel Denim is an integral part of our corporate powerhouse that took root in the year 1970 with Edible Oil processing unit and has grown steadily ever-since across sectors like Real Estate, Spinning, Denim Fabric manufacturing and Garmenting across three states in India.

“Partap Fabrics Pvt. Ltd” was formed in the year 2009 for denim fabric manufacturing. Ever since the company was formed; it had envisioned a brand that would stand for trust, quality and service. It was not long when Marvel Denim was formed and stood firm on the expectations of company.


Marvel Denim was incorporated in the year 2010. We are one of the largest manufacturers of Quality denim in India with a capacity of “40 million meters per annum”. We are producing best quality of denim fabric ranging from 4.5 oz to 15 oz in both rigid and stretch qualities primarily featuring cotton/cotton, cotton/poly, cotton/stretch ,cottons/poly stretches and Dobbies using premium grade yarns that are supplied to us through our fully vertical supply chain.


Our setup includes sheet dyeing ranges, special mercerizing units, along with pitching, over-dyeing and coating machines. Our product range from 4.5Oz. to 15Oz. in the widest fabric width available from Asia. Our light weights varying from 4.5Oz. to 8Oz. and our bottom weights, 8Oz. to 15Oz. We work with entire spectrum of indigos including deep indigos, sandwich shades, hues of sulphur etc. Some of our latest developments includes the deepest shades of indigos (Everest Indigo), the lightest denim (2/80's count), leather finishes, tinted series and vibrant as well as earthy tones in authentic colour denims. We are specialized in fabrics with a unique construction like ring x ring, multi-count/twist,spandex,coloured weft yarn etc.